Tending Mobile Development Platforms

One of the most exciting aspects of today is the flood of mobile applications that are churned out each day. Mobile players like Google, Apple and Windows are continuously competing and coming out with better and better applications for their users.

The world of communication is undergoing a phenomenal revolution. The whole perception of communication has been redefined due to the mobile application development platforms. Each mobile platform is experiencing tough competition from rivals. Apple’s iOS was the market leader till a few years ago but today, other mobile platforms like Windows and Google Android also have a fair share of the market. All these are making their presence felt in the market and there is no denying that advancement in mobile technologies has helped individuals manage tasks without hassles. The growth in adoption of mobile technologies has been colossal and is still surging. Here are the three leading mobile platforms:

  • Android

Android based smart phones have been dazzling mobile device users for quite some time now. The demand for Android apps is increasing and this has encouraged developers to develop Android applications. Google Android is one of the most dominating mobile platforms today. The reason for Android’s popularity is the ease that it provides for mobile development. From business applications to non- business apps, the Android operating system is extremely versatile.

Customized applications can also be built for individual users. Android app is also extremely affordable as development is free and open source. This brings affordability into the product and hence there is a great rise in the popularity of Android apps. Android apps are user friendly and appealing and with the help of these apps, the user can enhance the performance of their mobile apps.


  • Windows

Even with the large number of mobile platforms, Windows application development has been surging ahead and becoming popular day by day. The Windows app development is now less complex.  The look and feel of Windows phones has been strategized by Microsoft and most users are comfortable with these Windows phones as the user interface is simple. These phones are used by people belonging to all age groups, from all across the globe.  These Windows apps are popular because these applications can be used in different scenarios for different purposes.

  • iOS:

The BYOD or Bring you own device culture at offices has been popularized by the iOS trends. Most organizations noticed a major rise in productivity due to the use of Apple products and iOS apps. As a result, most companies have and organizations have been opted for iOS app development. Most organizations are very keen to automate their processes with iOS apps. Apart from organizations and business, Apple’s mobile devices are becoming popular among individuals for non-business purposes. With online tutorials for iOS development, it is gaining popularity very rapidly. These apps are efficient, easy to use and extremely user friendly.

No doubt the most sought after tools for business organizations and individuals are undoubtedly mobile technologies. The ever increasing usage of these mobile apps has resulted in the added popularity of these mobile applications.



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