8 Software For Development You Must Have

There are various different ways to go about software development it really doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced software developer or a novice one, as long as you have the right skill set and the right software, you are good to go.  However, one thing that needs to be remembered about software development is that, just like clothes, no one size fits all.

Over the years, by virtue of rapid development in this field, various tools have popped up to help in the development of software. When you are thinking of developing software, sooner or later, you will ask yourself, what infrastructure you need. Whether you are a part of an international collaboration, a multinational company or just a solo developer, the software that you use plays a crucial role and contributes greatly to the development.

Being a software developer builds up your skills day after day. If the right software is used for development, programming can be rewarding and fun.

Software needed:

Here is a list of the 8 most important software that are needed for software development:

  • Development kit: Depending upon the programming language that you are using, you would need a development kit. Different languages have different requirements. For example, you need a recent Java Development Kit or JDK which includes the Java runtime environment and the compiler.
  • Compiler: A compiler is a program that converts code into executable machine language. Some popular C compilers are- Microsoft Visual Studio, Tiny C Compiler etc.
  • Text Editor: A text editor can be used by inexperienced programmers. This is the minimum software requirement to program.
  • It simplifies the task of writing code. A simple text editor is easy to use and is therefore ideal for people who are new to coding. One shortcoming of using a text editor is that it has no advanced capabilities such as debugging or code completion. Some popular text editors are- Notepad++ for Windows, Emacs, and Sublime Text etc.
  • Integrated Development Environment: Even though this is not absolutely necessary, most developers prefer using IDK instead of a text editor. These software combine the programs needed by developers into a suite that is convenient and comes with a graphical interface. Typically, it also includes a debugger. Popular IDKs are Eclipse, Netbeans, CodeLite etc.
  • Revision Control: Also known as Version Control, is one of the most important software that a developer needs to use. It is actually a source code repository that allows you to retrieve any version of the code at any point of time. While working in a team, it allows all team members to work together efficiently without accidently deleting anyone’s code
  • Issue Tracker: This is also known as ticketing system. It might appear to be a little intimidating at first but it is extremely useful during the development process. It can keep track of the bugs that are yet to be fixed.
  • Database Software: Almost all software that you will develop will require a database to be built; this is why a database package is required. MySQL is a widely used database package as it is free and allows easy access of database using SQL queries.
  • Graphics Software: Although this is not absolutely necessary, it is strongly recommended that you learn to use at least one graphics software.

With the above mentioned software, any developer can develop with ease.

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