6 Books You Should Read About Software Development

Every graduate with a computer science looks forward to working the in exciting world of professional programming. Most software developers have in depth knowledge of software development and expertise in programming as well as broad knowledge base of diverse areas like testing, team organization and customer interaction. Although there is no alternative for experience, reading is the next best thing for software developers.

The best books:

Here is a list of the 6 most popular books in the field.

  • The Pragmatic Programmer: This book is a real eye opener for all developers. This book contains 46 tips for software developers that are absolutely indispensable. The Pragmatic Programmer does not go into the minute details of anything but it covers a wide array of basics that can transform a programmer into an employable software developer.
  • Continuous Delivery: One of the most challenging and stressful parts of being a software developer is releasing software. This can be an extremely complex and error-prone part of programming and this book deals with it. Continuous Delivery describes real world examples and is an excellent read.
  • Code Complete 2: Anyone who enjoys programming must read this book. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAReading this book would help you to improve and reach greater heights. This book contains several examples of what not to do as a developer and these examples prove to be very helpful.
  • The Mythical Man Month: This is ne classic and arguably the only one in the field of computers. This is a book about an obsolete operating system and surprisingly, it is still extremely relevant. The bottom line is that computers change but people don’t.
  • Clean Code or The Clean Coder: These are two separate books but they are very similar in more ways than one. These are short books about how a programmer must conduct himself or herself in the professional world. They cover different aspects of being a professional software developer.
  • Don’t Make Me Think: This is probably the best book based on reusability. Every important concept of usability has been covered in this book and it has been covered very well. Presented in a concise and approachable manner, this book is full of relevant information. The best part of this book is the wide audience base that it has. This book is equally relevant for technical and non technical readers, developers, managers as well as the users.
  • The Design of Everyday Things: Software development can be extremely tedious and frustrating. This is because there is so much that can go wrong during the process of software development. Software developers need to anticipate things that can go wrong and work accordingly. This book teaches you how important it is to pay heed to the details.

Reading a book is a major time investment so it is important to choose what you read wisely. Read these books carefully and do not omit any necessary concept and you are sure to benefit greatly from these books.

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