5 Most Important Skills Developer Must Have

With the wide array of platforms, programming languages and technologies available today, the question that is very often asked is how to become a better software developer? It is important to understand which skills are to be enhanced to be a good software developer. In today’s competitive world, it is quintessential to understand where and how to invest your time and resources.

The process of earning the reputation of a good software developer can be very challenging if you do not know exactly how to go about it and which skills to enhance. With the right skill set, you can triumph over all possible hurdles that you are likely to face.



Here are five of the most essential skills that are needed by software developers across the globe today:

  • Problem solving ability: The importance of this skill can be understood by the fact that software development is completely and absolutely about problem solving. Software development wouldn’t even exist if there weren’t any problems that needed to be solved. The programming language or the technology doesn’t matter, if you are not a good problem solver, you wouldn’t be a good developer.
  • Passion for coding: Most people would agree that coding is not something that can be taken lightly. Unless you develop a passion for coding, it is very unlikely to become a good developer. Only when you start enjoying coding, are you likely to get better and better at it. Start experimenting with codes and try to learn new things.
  • Good naming skills: One basic thing that developers do is bring the unknown into existence. They give shape to their thought in the form of codes and software. It is important to give proper names to everything that exists in your code. Giving appropriate names in turn facilities your work.
  • Ability to learn: This is probably one of the most important skills in life. You must accept that you cannot know everything about everything. Especially in a field that changes so rapidly. In this field, everything changes too fast and this is why you constantly need to learn. You need to adapt to changes very quickly.
  • Deal with people: It is important to be able to deal with other developers and to understand their point of view. Apart from this, you also need to deal with customers and users as software is build for these people. Not know exactly what they want can have disastrous results and it wouldn’t make you a good software developer. You also need to be able to work with people as a team and express your ideas and views clearly.

It is surely important to have sound technical knowledge and good programming skills to become a good software developer but these five skills, if enhanced properly would make you stand out of the crowd. You need to have a solid foundation and thorough knowledge of a few programming languages. When this knowledge is combined with the aforementioned skills, you become an excellent software developer.


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